Sports Medicine Outreach Program

The Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic (OFC) partners with area schools and sports clubs to provide access to our multidisciplinary health care team and services. Our wide range of expertise includes; skilled orthopedic physicians, pediatric specialists, spinal care, podiatry, sports and general physical therapists, athletic trainers, MRI, and our Center for Specialty Surgery.

Services provided at participating schools and clubs include detailed assessment and treatment of injuries, educating athletes, coaches and parents about injuries and injury prevention, medical coverage of sporting events, and expedited physician and physical therapy visits for athletes seeking care at the Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic.

If you are interested in bringing our services to your team or organization, please feel free to contact the Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic to learn more about our comprehensive services and community outreach initiatives. Contact Jake Thielen at 503-214-5296.

Orthopedic Prompt Care clinic (OPC): Prompt Injury Evaluations

OFC is proud to launch our new Orthopedic Prompt Care (OPC) clinic. We have implemented this service to provide prompt access and care for patients with recent sports injuries, acute fractures & dislocations, and other similar acute orthopedic injuries. The OPC service is for patients who have suffered an acute orthopedic injury within the past 7 days and are in need of care. Patients can arrive at our office between 2:30 and 3:30, and will be seen on a first-come, first served basis beginning at 3pm. To schedule an appointment please call 503-214-5255 and ask about the OPC clinic.

Sports Specific Treatment:

Our physicians and physical therapy staff are experienced in working with athletes of all levels and are able to develop sports specific plans to aide in your recovery. Many of our physicians and therapy staff have expertise in specific sporting activities.  If you are world class or just want to be treated that way we will work to get you back in the game. To schedule an appointment with a physician, please call 503-214-5255. To schedule an appointment with a physical therapist, please call 503-906-4323.



If you are looking for a formal presenter or just a brief workshop on sports medicine, our physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers are available and regularly provide continuing education for coaches, athletes and parents. To arrange a presenter please contact Jake Thielen at 503-214-5296.

Event Coverage:

The Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic provides athletic trainers, physicians, and physical therapists for on-site event support. To arrange event coverage please contact Payten Haynes, ATC at 503-214-5264.

Sports Associations:

Pacific University (Dr Brad Butler)
Aloha High School (Dr Jason Kurian)

Sunset High School Club Lacrosse
(Dr Alec Denes/Gail Schmalz ATC/Welcome Letter)
Westview High School Club Lacrosse
(Dr Brett Andres/Annika Brands ATC/Welcome Letter)

THUSC UNITED Soccer Club (Dr Brad Butler/Kory Bell MSPT/Welcome Letter)

Multnomah Athletic Club Gymnastics (Kory Bell MSPT/Welcome Letter)
Multnomah Athletic Club Swimming (Kory Bell MSPT/Welcome Letter)
Westside Gymnastics Academy (Kory Bell MSPT/Welcome Letter)
Oregon Gymnastics Academy (Kory Bell MSPT/Welcome Letter)

Mt Hood Ski Clinic (Dr Alec Denes & Dr Brett Andres)
Rose City Rollers (Dr Mac Beall & Payten Haynes ATC)